Captain's License Captains License Course Preparation

The items listed below are what you need for class. You can see pictures of these items in the book store and purchase them on the enrollment form.

  • US Captain's Training Text Book
  • Navigation Rules International and Inland book
  • Parallel Rulers
  • Dividers
  • Calculator
  • Mechanical Pencils
US Captains Training Application Checklist Graphic

Application Checklist

The application checklist is a list of items that constitute an application for a U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential, aka captain's license. The only thing not on this checklist is CPR and First Aid. The check list is a good tool to keep track of which forms you have completed and which you still need to complete. Video Tutorial

US Captains Training Application Checklist Graphic


Filling out the application form is a good place to start your paperwork it is used for all Coast Guard credentials including original licenses, renewals, upgrades, and endorsements. If you click on the read more link below the form is explained section by section. Video Tutorial

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US Captains Training Sea Service Form Graphic

Small Vessel Sea Service Form

To qualify for a captain's license the coast guard requires you have a minimum number of days on the water, how many days is dependent on the license which you wish to earn. A Small Vessel Sea Service Form is where you document your time on the water to the best of your recollection. If the time is on a boat you own, you sign the form and provide proof of ownership. If the time was on someone else's boat, you must have them sign your form.

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US Captains Training Physical Examination Report Graphic

Physical Examination Report

A medical review officer certified by the USCG must fill out the medical review form. You can find one in your area by visiting this web site lets you search medical review officers by location. You can also call walk in clinics around your area and ask them over the phone if their physicians are medical review officers, most will know what you are talking about.

US Captains Training Chemical Testing Report Graphic

Dot/USCG Periodic Drug Testing Form

Usually, this form is completed at the same time you get your physical examination report completed. The facility will be able to drug test you and send it to a lab for results. This form may be used to satisfy requirements for "Periodic Drug Testing". If you participate in a USCG "random or pre-employment drug test program" this form may not be necessary. (See page two of the form for details)

US Captains Training Merchant Mariner Oath Graphic

Merchant Mariner Oath

You need to go to a notary, read the oath; print (name), sign, and date the form in front of them. The notary fills in their part of the form and seals it. This completed form takes the place of completing section VI of the Application with a Coast Guard official. Video Tutorial

US Captains Training Character Reference Graphic

Character Reference

You need three character references to complete section four of your application for an original license. Complete this character reference form and submit it with your packet. Here is a link to a video tutorial